26 March 2012

Property Investment Experts for Singaporean Investors in the UK

Having a good comprehension of the difficulties involved with buying and owning property in a foreign country has been a long time down fall for prospective investors. This is even truer when you are talking about investing in a buy-to-let property on the other side of the world. Because of this, Singaporean investors may not feel at ease buying property to let in London or any other part of the UK, even with the market being as great as it is right now. At this time the London real estate market is being looked at by investors globally.
For people who live in the country of Singapore and would like to find a stable investment in the UK, it is vital to locate a team of asset managers who are acclimated to the UK Property investment real estate market, as well as the needs of Singaporean investors. Asset property management is a whole different ball game than owning real estate that is for personal use. It will be important to know that you have someone overlooking your investment who has a viable knowledge in things like property management, taxation and of course the importance of making sure your buy-to-let properties are occupied.
All of the above fits 1st Asset and what they do for property investors. Each person working with this company is quite active each day as they are all landlords and property managers themselves. This gives them first-hand knowledge of the real estate market in the UK as well as the best methods of advertising your property prior to its opening. This will help you to maximize your profit while feeling like you are in good hands as 1st Asset has offices in the UK and Singapore. This means you do not have to fly to the UK anytime you want to meet with your property management group.

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