1 March 2012

Former Zoopla exec launches 'social search' for property listings

Arguably in my opinion, one of the best features at Adzuna.co.uk is the ability to search for a job using technology that links the search engine with your friends workplaces listed at Linkedin and Facebook. It somehow makes the job of hunting for a job kind of fun. I addictively played with the system last night for hours, scrolling through my friends places of employment to see what jobs were available. I applied for many, I may not get a response and I may not even really need a job at the moment, but I did find the job hunting process through Adzuna quite rewarding. But anyway, we are not here to speak about jobs, we're here to speak about property; specifically the launch of Adzuna's new "social search engine" for property listings. 
According to their blog, the process works by "mapping where your friends live and check-in and make that part of the househunting process". Using Facebook API Adzuna has created Friend Map, a tool that lets users visualize where their friends live and check-in, and ask them questions about the area. Once the user has chosen an area, the property listings are just one click away.

Adzuna’s tool is the first to plot friends’ whereabouts as part of the house hunting process. CEO and co-founder Doug Monoro is former COO at Zoopla and previously Managing Director at Gumtree. Monro claims that his research has shown that the Friend Map feature appeals to young professionals in major cities who have a choice of where to live:
"Seeing your Friend Map for the first time has a real wow factor and it’s surprising what you learn about your friends.” 
As a company Adzuna was founded in 2010 "on the back of an envelope in a central London pub" and launched officially last year with impressive reviews. Founders Andrew Hunter and Doug Monro met at Gumtree in 2005, with Monro as MD and Hunter as head of marketing, before leaving for Qype to become their General Manager.
Essentially Adzuna is a classified search engine for jobs and now property. The company was named a Top 20 Startup of 2011 by Startups.co.uk and a finalist in the Website of the Year awards. They've also successfully raised £800k in investment finance from Index Ventures, Accelerator Group, Passion Capital and other angel investors. Adzuna is supporting the launch of their property service with a competition to win two nights stay in a luxury property courtesy of onefinestay. Details at Facebook.com/Adzuna. 

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