27 October 2010

Living in Leeds

Guestpost: City Living

Leeds Civic Hall

Leeds is the third largest city in the UK and is a real cosmopolitan of different Nationalities and cultures. Regarded as having a high living standard, as well as being one of the cleanest cities in the UK, it’s an idyllic place which combines the best of urban and country living.
Leeds experienced a huge property boom recently, so you can easily find a brand new city centre apartment very close to all the shops and bars. Whatever you are looking for, these Leeds city centre flats are bound to provide something that suits your taste. What could be better than living a few minutes’ walk from work in one of the UK’s favourite cities?

Getting Around

Leeds boasts the busiest train network outside of London, and the public transport network in and around the city is excellent. Parking is a nightmare though, and you would be hard pressed to find a good parking spot in the City centre when out and about.
The bus network is extremely comprehensive, with buses going to and from nearly every major attraction and park you can think of. Day passes are a cheap way to travel, and a family pass (two adults and two children) allows you to explore Leeds for less than £10.

Shopping and Eating Out

With over 1000 retail outlets to choose from, Leeds is a shopper’s paradise. Every major high street and niche brand can be found here, and the various shopping complexes provide relief from bad weather so you can continue to shop till you drop!
Leeds has an eclectic mix of designer and hip shops, from the famous Lush and Neal’s Yard to the much coveted Harvey Nichols, and everything in between. It’s the ideal place to get your shopping fix, as you will be spoilt for choice.
Eating out is an experience all on its own in Leeds. Because of the huge ethnic diversity in the City, there are lots of cuisines on offer from Indian and Caribbean to Chinese and Thai. Regardless of what your palette is like, you will find something to tantalize your taste buds in Leeds. The bars and restaurants are renowned for their hospitality and excellent food.
Nightlife in Leeds is an experience not to be forgotten. With its large working and student population, there are plenty of places to grab your attention, including pubs, clubs, bars and exclusive lounges.


Leeds has ample family attractions for the family such as Tropical World, museums, the armouries and many parks, including the famous Yorkshire Sculpture Park. For those who love culture, Leeds also has theatres and select playhouses to choose from.
Leeds is a great city to explore and is definitely worth a visit. Whatever your passion, you are sure to find it here in Leeds.


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Have heard a load of great things about Leeds, a few friends of mine where there on a stag weekend last year and thought it was great.


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