21 January 2009

Nestoria partners with AOL!

OK I'm usually the guy that gets the breaking news on Nestoria; but not this time. With Zoopla's big funding news this week, and now this, the property world is definately moving online. Welcome to the big leagues; it's about to kick off big time ...


self-sale.com said...

It certainly is moving online. Has there been and shift from high street agents going online yet?
Also, is there anyway you can get on Nestoria without subscribing to Fish4?

Ed said...

Hi self-sale,

Ed from Nestoria here. You can work with anyone of our 10 partners to get our listings on Nestoria.


best regards

self-sale.com said...

Hi Ed,

So as I list with rightmove I should automatically list with Nestoria?
If this is correct and isn't happening, what should I do?

Ed said...

Hi self-sale,

no one likes blogs more than me (BTW pls subscribe to the nestoria blog). Nevertheless, if you have questions about our service, partners, etc please ping us via our normal feedback form (link is at the bottom of all Nestoria pages) and we'll work to get your issue solved.


loan modification said...

Love the name of your blog. =)