16 December 2008

Nestoria launches "Nestoholic" technology

Fellow Nestorkians!
It seems as though Lokku, the parent company behind the influential Nestoria.com has stealthfuly released Nestoholic.com; a house price comparison service currently serving the UK. The site is yet to be released (officially) and lacks the "superior geolocation of Nestoria," according to Nestoholic developer traffic acquisition manager Ruben Martinez. However Ruben promises superior "geo disambiguation in the next version of Nestoholic."

Currently however, Nestoholic does make intensive use of Nestoria's inhouse statistical database, giving users the opportunity to compare house prices by locations, (eg. comparing house prices in Manchester with Liverpool while also giving buyers and professional researchers an opportunity to analyze asking price trends of in areas such as Brighton or Mayfair.
Yes there are some technological bugs yet to be worked out such as multiple occurrences of places with the same name (e.g. Clapham) and the "geo disambiguation works better in Nestoria"; but the developers are working to fix them and site should be out of beta very soon.

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