2 July 2008

Nestoria Italia now live

They've been working on it for a while, but it seems like the site is now up and running. When I spoke with Ed a few weeks ago to congratulate him on Nestoria's second anniversary, he said they were celebrating by 'working';
but it seems like the hard work is beginning to pay off as is evident from the traffic numbers:

Ed answered a few questions I had on nestoria.it this afternoon ...

1) What has been the greatest challenge so far in launching nestoria.it?

With any new market there's a lot to learn. The geography is a big issue for example, in London people want to live in certain postcodes, a concept that doesn't exist in Italy. Just like in the UK and Spain, we'll learn as we go.

2) Will Nestoria's Italian service differ in any way from your other European domains?

In terms of user functionality there are no differences. We offer the same interface and the same tools like RSS feeds and a Facebook app. Of course we have a lot of learning to do though about the specifics of how Italians want to search for property. We'll be doing a lot of fine tuning in the coming weeks and months.

3) How many listings does your Italian site have at the moment?

We've been very fortunate to partner with most of the biggest players, brands like Casa.it, Repubblica, Immobiliare, Trovocasa, and several others, and of course we hope the list will grow with time. Right now we have over 250,000 live listings. Unfortunately we have
to weed a lot out due to data quality issues. For comparison, when we launched in the UK we had only 40,000 listings.

4) Who do you currently see as competition in Italy?
Have you noticed any significant differences in the way property business is done in Italy versus the UK and Spain?

Italy is more similar to Spain (indeed several of the big players are in both markets) in that the same house is listed with several agents. The quality of the data isn't always great, particularly the geographic information, as agents are scared that another agent will steal the seller.

Regarding the competition, I think the list of names of our partners shows that we are focused on finding ways to work together with others, not searching for competitors. Two of our partners (casa.it and Idealista) are big in our existing markets - casa.it is owned by REA which also owns PropertyFinder in the UK, Idealista is one of the biggest players in Spain - which I think shows that our partners are keen to grow and expand with us.
We're always looking for more partners, anyone who's interested should please get in touch.

5) What next for Nestoria and when can we expect it?

We'll be launching Nestoria Deutschland - http://www.nestoria.de in the coming weeks. After that we need to learn from the users in the new markets (and keep learning in the UK and Spain). In terms of new features the focus remains the same as always - help people find their next home as easily as possible. We welcome all feedback on the newest addition to the Nestoria family. And of course, for the Italian speakers we have a blog - http://www.blog-nestoria.it where we'll be posting regularly with updates.

A few screen shots, but as the site is live, why not check it out ...

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