26 November 2007

Extate changes name

love it? hate it? let us know


Anonymous said...

I preferred Extate to be honest.

Anonymous said...


dotcars.co.uk is owned by Trader Publishing (of AutoTrader fame).

dotjobs.co.uk was registered: before Aug-1996

dothomes is not a bad choice (I'm all for setting light to Web2.0 naming schemas, some of them are plain silly!)

Anonymous said...

I like it.

renthusiast said...

i like the dothomes name, probably a lot easier for consumers to remember , plus very marketable. problem though, it seems like byteplay (dothomes parent company) forgot to register a few noteworthy domains such as dothomes.eu and dothomes.tv , it'd be unfortunate if a competitor were to snatch them up and redirect them. no worries though, i'm pretty sure they'll get them registerd in the next few minutes (:

ak102 said...

dont think dothomes.eu and tv have any value for us, we've purchased all the ones we need. let me know what you think of valuations/statistics.

Anonymous said...

does this mean that you won't be using extate.com and extate.eu anymore? And if so, what would be the reason?