28 May 2007

Help catch blogstalker Felicity J Lowde

This story is weird.
Social blogger Rachel from North London (pictured) is the victim of blogstalker Felicity J Lowde.
Lowde was found guilty of harassment recently, but is on the run and blogging a strange rant/defense over here.
Rachel is a heroic 7/7 bomb survivor, and set up her blog to help other victims of the tragedy, yet Felicity J Lowde has the audacity to accuse her of "deserting the dead".
The story gets weirder as one of the most popular estate agents in London almost goes by the same name as the apparent Ms Lowde(Felicity J. Lord),
which leaves me wondering that perhaps the reason the police can't catch up with Ms. Lowde is because she's using a pseudonym. Nevertheless, can all this negative publicity be good for Felicity J Lord?
Help Catch Felicity Jane Lowde

UPDATE: May 25, 2007; Lowde captured and in custody


Rachel said...

Crikey, poor entirely innocent estate agent.

FJLowde's claims on her blog and to police in interview have been disproved in court, and it is hoped that she will be apprehended soon and hopefully given the help she needs, at sentencing. Psych. reports ahoy. I am not sure that jail is th ebest place for peopel with her sort of probs bt the sad fact is that smetimes it taes a court order for people to get treatment/attention.

shaun mclane said...

All seems like a hoax to me

Fidothedog said...

Shaun read both sides, check out the stalkers conspiracy blog.

Besides she has been found guilty by a court.

renthusiast said...

fidothedog, just because someone's found guilty in court, especially in her absence doesn't necessarily mean she's guilty, but the comments posted on Rachel's blog, which 'felicity' hasn't denied writing prove that she is a sick woman

Anonymous said...

Felicity has denied writing those comments.