26 March 2007

Yes, there is such a thing as a zero-carbon house

last week, in his annual budget speech, UK Chancellor and soon to be Prime Minister Gordon Brown, announced to the nation that from October 1st 2007 all new zero-carbon homes costing up to £500,000 will pay no stamp duty and zero-carbon homes costing in excess of £500,000 would receive a £15,000 stamp duty tax reduction.
Unsurprisingly, Browns announcement was greeted with heavy skepticism and nobody I spoke with seemed to had ever seen or even heard of a zero-carbon house; but alas, we can reveal that - yes - there is indeed such a thing as a zero carbon house!
Spotted this weekend at the Birmingham Property Show, the "Eco Pod" boasts that it can "reduce energy requirements and costs by up to 90%, producing virtually no CO2 emissions"

But wait ... there's more ...

According to the website, the Eco Pod does not need planning permission "in the majority of cases" , yup, you heard right; all you need is "a flat firm (hard standing or concrete) level surface ... and we will do the rest."
And at prices starting at a meager £45,000 (waay under stamp duty), the EcoPod may be the answer to a lot of problems, or may indeed be the creation of a whole new set of problems, depending on who you speak to ... who knows, maybe the guy who invented it will build a £500,000 model, so we can at least get some satisfaction we're beating the government, whoopee, cant wait for that to happen !

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