21 February 2007

$300 million for A380 "Flying Palace"

The superrich are launching the next wave in air travel luxury accomadation: the wide-body private jet.

With 10,000 private jets flying in the U.S., a few billionaires are signing up for something roomier -- jumbo jets that can be outfitted as mobile mansions. WSJ's Wealth Report highlights on one such client, a Middle Eastern head of state, who shelled out $300 million on the notorious Airbus 380, an aircraft which is running waay behind in its production schedule. The unidentified buyer, will spend an extra $100 million to turn the craft into a more exclusive conveyance which Airbus eloquently calls "The Flying Palace".
But why such opulence? according to New York based "jet-interior designer" Ed├ęse Doret; "You can host an elegant dinner party on the ground in a third-world country, after you bid your guests a fond farewell, you close the door and head home."
Yep, sounds perfect

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A bigger trough to wallow in.? Is this man not a pig.?