22 January 2007

BrightSale's MD defines what it means to be 2.0

Last week, we posted a write-up on Brightsale.co.uk, a "2.0" start-up. While impressed with the business model, we were a little unsure as to whether they were serious about what they were doing or just riding the current 2.0 hype. Well Brightsale's MD Andy Etches caught wind of our post and emailed us with his definition of a 2.0 value system and why he felt Brightsale fit the bill. Here's a portion of his email:
We believe we embrace all of the values that the 2.0 school of thought stands for. We are open, honest, community focussed and user driven. We are hoping to streamline the process of buying and selling houses here in the UK using new technology and some very well thought out processes.
Over the next few weeks we will be releasing some new features which will give our customers more power than any before. I'd like to take a minute to give you an exclusive sneak peak at some of the things we have in development.
The messaging centre
For the first time, buyers and sellers will be able to communicate directly through our messaging system. Whereas many estate agents here in the UK keep their customers as far apart as possible for fear of being bypassed. Our customers will be able to securely talk with their buyer or seller, giving a level of transparency that has never before been possible. BrightSale.co.uk will allow the members of the community to use technology to talk without boundaries.
Search cloud
We will be launching a search cloud, which will show at a glance the most popular towns and counties that our users are looking for property in.
The viewings calendar
Our sellers will be able to set specific timeslots when their property will be available to view. If a buyer decides they want to view that property they will be able to select one of these timeslots and it will immediately be allocated to that buyer. Sellers and buyers will immediately be notified of the viewing by email, all parties will be sent a reminder email 5 hours before the viewing is scheduled. Your calendars can be synced with iCal and Outlook for convenience. We believe this is a great tool which takes much of the pain out of viewing property. No more will people have to go back and forth to estate agents on the phone and jump through hoops just to view a property.
I note this, specifically as you mentioned it. We are working on a couple of map projects, one really exciting (but staying under wraps for the moment) and the others just great. We will be of course integrating a map of every property on every page, showing the satellite view and road map. The ability to search the sites properties via a map is also a feature under development. Our main feature ties everything together and is unique to the UK, it is designed, again to empower the users with information whilst at the same time increasing the chances of everyone achieving a sale. Once this feature goes live, I'll be sure to let you know.
I hope you found this email interesting. I'm sure now you will see we are not simply using the "2.0" phrase as a buzzword to jump on a bandwagon. We really are hoping to bring all of the good qualities of the next generation of the internet to the UK property market.

Pretty innovative stuff, but do they have what it takes to bridge next generation internet to the property market? Will the industry support, vilify or attempt to destroy? Will the general public take notice or even care?
Post your comments; we're eager for your thoughts ...

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AW said...

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